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L'ingrédient secret de la culture populaire : Comment les épices du Moyen-Orient influencent la scène musicale

(Lecture du blog audio par le Sultan)

Pop culture is often seen as a reflection of society’s tastes and trends, but have you ever thought about the role that spices from the Middle East play in shaping it? That’s right, the same spices that give your shawarma that extra kick can also be found in the beats and melodies of today’s hottest pop songs.

The use of Middle Eastern instruments such as the oud, darbuka, and ney, as well as influences from traditional music, has been on the rise in pop music. This has been especially true in recent years, with artists like The Sultan, who infuse their pop sound with traditional Middle Eastern elements, leading the charge.

But it’s not just the instruments that are making an impact. The use of Middle Eastern rhythms and scales in pop music is giving it a unique flavor that sets it apart from Western pop. This fusion of cultures is not only bringing a fresh sound to the music scene, but it’s also breaking down barriers and promoting cultural understanding.

But why are spices from the Middle East suddenly so popular in pop culture? It could be that the exotic and unfamiliar nature of these spices adds a certain mystique to the music, making it more interesting and appealing to listeners. It could also be that as the world becomes more connected, people are looking for new and exciting sounds to explore.

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: the influence of spices from the Middle East on pop culture is something worth paying attention to. So, next time you’re dancing to your favorite pop song, take a moment to appreciate the spices that may have helped create it.