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Alexander the Great was one of the most influential figures in world history. His legacy in the Middle East is still felt to this day. From his military campaigns to his administrative reforms, Alexander's impact on the region was immense. This article explores the legacy of Alexander the Great in the Middle East, and how it shaped the region's history.
Discover the captivating myths and legends of the Middle East, from the epic tales of the Arabian Nights to the stories of powerful djinn and shapeshifting ghouls. Explore the themes of struggle and resilience, and uncover the ways in which these ancient stories continue to shape the culture and society of the region today.
Discover the hidden treasures of ancient Mesopotamia, a civilization known for its impressive architectural feats, groundbreaking advancements in writing, science, and art. From towering ziggurat to delicate works of art, the legacy of Mesopotamia continues to fascinate and inspire us.