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Journey to Self-Discovery

The Sultan’s “Mirror Mirror,” takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The lyrics, steeped in themes of love and acceptance, encourage listeners to embrace their true selves and find the beauty within. 

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The music video, shot amidst the stunning landscapes of Bali, brings these lyrics to life with its breathtaking visuals and passionate performances. From the lush waterfalls to the bustling streets, the Balinese culture serves as the perfect backdrop for this celebration of self-love.

The Sultan’s uplifting lyrics, paired with the lush visuals of the music video, make “Mirror Mirror” a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration. So turn up the volume, and let the message of this song inspire you to embrace your true self and find the beauty within.


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The Balinese Experience

The Sultan brought his vision to life in just 24 hours in Bali. Inspired by the island’s beauty, he gathered a talented local crew, dancers, and stunning locations to shoot the “Mirror Mirror” music video. The Balinese people welcomed The Sultan with open arms and their hospitality made the project possible. From waterfalls to bustling temples, the island’s rich culture and spiritual heritage served as the perfect backdrop for The Sultan’s message of self-discovery and empowerment.




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