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Late Night Grooves

The Sultan brings the 90s back to life with his release, “Not Going Home.” This classic pop song is an anthem for those who want to celebrate a great evening, even after the party has officially ended. The gentle electric vibes and catchy lyrics are perfect for good vibes, a little flirt, or as a chill accompaniment for the journey home.

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The lyrics of “Not Going Home” capture the feeling of never wanting the party to end, of never wanting to go home. The song is a celebration of the spirit of adventure and living in the moment, urging listeners to embrace the moment and make the most of every experience. Whether you’re a seasoned partygoer or just looking for a fun, upbeat soundtrack for your life, “Not Going Home” is the perfect choice.

With its elaborate studio setting and cool choreography, complete with classic 90s dance moves, the music video for “Not Going Home” is a true feast for the eyes. So get ready to dance the night away, because with “Not Going Home,” the party has just begun!”


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After-Hours Experience

The music video for “Not Going Home” was shot in one day and the Sultan of Pop and his dance partner show their love for dancing in every second. The freestyle was perfect, allowing the team to play with different lighting settings and angles to capture the dancers’ moves.

The use of elaborate event technology highlights the dance moves and his message: Don’t make me leave yet, let’s just stay on the dancefloor and enjoy the moment, because “I’m not going home!”.




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