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Empower Yourself

The Sultan’s latest release, “Won’t Stop,” is a battle cry for overcoming life’s challenges. This motivational anthem will get you moving and inspire you to never give up. Whether you’re starting your workday, working out, or just need a little extra push, “Won’t Stop” will be there to motivate and uplift you.

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The lyrics encourage listeners to keep pushing, keep growing, and to celebrate their small and big victories, no matter what life throws their way.

The music video for “Won’t Stop” is a visual representation of the song’s message. It focuses on the boxing ring, where every individual must face their challenges and overcome them. The Sultan brings the energy and determination of a champion to the video, delivering an electrifying performance that is sure to inspire and motivate.

So whether you’re feeling down or just need a boost, “Won’t Stop” is the perfect anthem to help you overcome life’s challenges and keep pushing towards your goals. So don’t stop, believe in your dreams, and let The Sultan’s powerful vocals and uplifting lyrics be your battle cry.



Easier With Friends

As in many Sultan videos, friends and dancers from different cultures were gathered for the “Won’t Stop” video shoot. In the boxing ring, the characters show off their individual strengths. The shoot took two days and the gritty atmosphere of the boxing ring was perfectly captured. Between sweat and hard work, it’s always friends who give you the strength to keep going.




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